How to Avoid Over Optimization Penalty (Part II)

Ecommerce Web Designer

Video Transcription: As stated on the Part I of this topic, these are all my own understanding about Rand Fish’s lecture and if there are something that I may, or may have understand incorrectly you can tell me and give me your own view on how well you understand the topic.

Manipulative Internal Links

“Links on the side bars, on the content and on the footer with the same exact anchors to the same page over and over again.” 

Did you know that having a single link on a certain page is already counted? Yes, now that you know, at least inform your Ecommerce Web Designer that it’s not necessary at all to include or reserve a space for this links because there's no need to repeat it, “the anchor texts”, over and over as it only makes your site questionable to the user as well as to the search engines. 

A much better approach is to link it to other pages or websites, say your blog, (more or less your blog also tackles, or a least, states something about the website you are optimizing) use different anchor texts, short tail or long tail, “a little more natural sounding” and you’ll be surprised with the results, not to mention you don’t need to worry about the “Over Optimization Penalty” in the future.


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