Best Choice for SEO Company: Understanding Page Rank

Understanding Page Rank

Are you in point blank for a moment? Well let’s get it straight – Page Rank (PR) is Not a Website Rank as to speak. If you’re not familiar with PR – it is a known phrase for Google and other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing to not index at websites but to look on Web Pages. Google assigns PAGE Rank (PR) to pages based on the whole or overall authority that a page has based on their complex page rank algorithm. Let’s say, it just one of the many variables that converge in deciding whether a certain page should be on top or not included of the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Page) and obviously not the vital thing for a pages to rank for a competitive term – which is in fact over 200 factors I guess.

A great technique for getting on top of the Best SEO Company, there are few good benefits out of a relevant high PR back link. Having a higher PR Back link is equal to relevant back linking. Did you get the simple analogy from the complex one? How far you want to take this strategy is up to you, but the idea is quite simple.

Get quality links from a high authority websites (High PR sites).

Understanding Page Rank for SEOs

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