Best Tips on Social Media: Increasing Audience thru Twitter

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As a website owner your first goal is to attract audience or customers to purchase or avail your products/services. Know what’s the best way to do this? Ask for the help an Ecommerce Web Designer. Have him design a professional looking yet with an easy navigation control for you and your customers. Launched your website and announce it on your social media accounts. You can tell your pals “Hey, I have an online shop, check it out” (or something like this) then add the links to your post connecting to your website.

The first one is Twitter. Why not Facebook? See below for the reasons why you should tweet.

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Now that you already know the reason here are some of the important things to check when using Twitter.

Do you still remember the information's you placed on your author’s bio? Perhaps it’s high time to check it out and see if there are certain data to be updated. Why, you might ask. Did you know that whatever you put inside your Authors Bio will act as your meta description? Meta tags are one of the most important tags to help search engines crawl on your site to be indexed. Now that you know it, make it a point to include your keywords in your bio as well as on your tweets.

Talking about keywords, it is said that “the first 27-40 characters act as the title tag within a Google search result”, conveying that keywords should be placed within the first forty characters of a tweet. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that you would diverge on the topic just to include your keyword. Remember what Google stated? “Its not just about your tweets but the relevancy it presents”. The more relevant your tweets, the better the traffic and followers you'll get. In addition, these followers will be indexed by Google as “inlinks”, thus providing you a relevant link.

Next, all of us who use Twitter knows that you can post a limited 160 characters per tweet, this means that the longer your URL, the shorter the words you can use to describe what that URL covers. With this knowledge what do you think is the best option? Simple, shorten your URL thru the use of URL shortening tools. Through these services, your links can be more manageable so you can use it on social networks that use 140-160 max of characters, plus, some services compiles and tracks the number of clicks that was made.

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