Best Social Media Marketing Tips: Choosing the Right Online Channels

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A mistake that most companies initiate is the failure to choose the right online social channels for their niche, resulting to a huge lost of investment, a waste of time and of course effort.
Keep in mind that each social network caters different characteristics and features a different philosophy that might match or is totally way out of your product/service, target audience’s league or even the industry you belong.

So how can you choose the best one among the hundreds of available social media’s available? First, consider what your business purpose is. Are you into promotion of services and or product or you are a merchant selling services and products? Remember, promoting is different to selling.

Next, what is your niche, the distinct segment of your market? Bear in mind that you should not start your campaign without properly choosing your niche. You should take into consideration that this is not a small part of your business, because in truth, niche plays the biggest and is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing. It’s a win loss battle, small mistake and you’ll definitely fall slow but painful.

Another factor to look into is whether you will cater globally or locally. Well, again think about your niche. Was it for a wider market or can it only cater local consumers? Actually, it’s a matter of what you are offering. E-commerce websites can cater globally, shipping and payment is not a problem as there are industries that offer services globally.

Adjacent to whether you will cater globally or locally, what is your website all about? What are you catering? Are you offering professional services? Do you own a company with staffs that can cater the needs of your customers? Like for example a Search Engine Optimization Company, maybe you can offer services in Website Design, or you are a team of E-commerce Web Designers? Or perhaps a non-professional merchant that sells his/her products?
Now that you know the basics, perhaps it’s high time to choose which social network to join? Below are the top networking sites you might want to check.

social network caters different characteristics

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