Tips for a Successful Mobile Ecommerce Web Design

Tips for a Successful Mobile Ecommerce Web Design
Its has been two decades since the first introduction of the very first web design, two decades of non stop developing, two decades of never ending “keeping up” two decades or learning new ways to established a much more better design for consumers.

From a simple design develop so that American scientist can easily understand to act as “transmission tool”, web design becomes even more enticing and easy to use due to the changing needs and updating technology of every generation.

As of the moment, web design is a very big part in terms of product and service promotion over the web. As Ecommerce started, countless Ecommerce Web Designers started to learn new ways to enhance their designs. And just as they are catching up with the latest changes, E-mobile comes into picture.

Due to the popularity of smart phones and tables, Ecommerce website owners saw the possibility of gaining traffic from this medium, thus, mobile ecommerce rise.

At first, it was really hard for Ecommerce Web Designers to shift from ecommerce web designing to mobile designing, but as the saying goes, keep on learning and one day you’ll get the proper formula. “To be able to gain traffic, thus resulting sales, the design also plays a major role, just the same as how Ecommerce Web Designs plays its part to increase its audience on the web”

Here are some tips that might help you if you are planning to go Mobile.

Mobile Ecommerce Design

First is to create a homepage that is congruent to a portal, make your design in grid style so that browsing for other pages can be easily done. Create check out buttons that can be easily notice.

Use icons instead of texts, the reason is simple, by using icons it makes it easier for a user to spot and click whatever he/she is searching.

Make it readable, not too small and not too large, we don’t have enough space/screen (4 inches at the most) unlike a desktop or a laptop. A medium size is better, easy to notice, easy to tap.

Effective Ecommerce Mobile Design

Make your design clean, too much buttons, too much pictures and too much texts is hard for the eyes specially if there is only a 4” screen. Use drop down menus to categorize your products and services

And lastly, remember to indicate all services and products information accurately. Promos can be placed on the homepage, introduced an offer that only mobile users can avail. And please do pay attention to every detail as much as you are paying attention to your Ecommerce website.

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