Best SEO-Advice: SEO over PPC by Internet Marketing Company?

Are you SEO or PPC?

Which is best - SEO and PPC? There’s much of a talk when we specify which of the campaign to use just to ensure that we could increase site traffic from search engines (high priority for Best SEO Company) – I mean a lot of discussion throughout the web on which tactics are best to use. Is it search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?

I have been in the Best Internet Marketing Company or PR business for years – witness to the changes of the SEO world and it’s undeniably great effect for the success of many business campaign and it’s bottom line. When we talk about PPC, does have it’s certain advantages though I’ll show you the difference between the two through this Infographics I found in the internet today.

SEO over PPC by Internet Marketing Company infographics

As you can see, SEO is much considered as best suit for not just it’s effectiveness and long term effect. On the other hand, PPC is a very competitive task and it’s not there for good. Now, you decide which is which – SEO or PPC?

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