Facebook Bought Instagram

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Last week, I have been wondering why Instagram was made available for Android users. For the longest time, that social media application is exclusive for Apple users. I must say that changes will definitely surprise us in the coming days having learned that. And now, that surprise has been unboxed. Facebook bought Instagram making them a more powerful social media site.

What’s in store for the users of both social media network is still vague up to this moment; but some things are clear, Facebook wants to outdo Pinterest and Facebook do want to prove that they’re still on top and that they are king of social media. Have you consulted your social media agency lately about the changes in social media events?

I’m pretty sure that even your social media agency is still in shock about the recent merger and have set up emergency meetings trying to speculate and brainstorm what changes should be done to be up and about with the changes. I think, there need not to panic; it is just one of the changes that will still benefit a lot of merchant over the cyber world.

I think that the merger only wants to keep us reminded that everything is possible and that what’s yesterday’s formula for success is a sure formula for failure if you don’t keep up and update. Changes are made to keep all of us from being stagnant and to ensure progress. This big leap in social media will surely bring progress in internet marketing and how your social media agency will react to it will define how good and competitive your campaigns will be in social media networks.

Let not this change scare you and let your trusted social media marketing agency take care of it. I am pretty sure that you’re in good hands if you have chosen the best social media agency who have the experience and expertise in handling the game of being highly sociable without compromising social responsibilities.

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