The changes in Web Design

The Evolution of Web Design

How long has it been? Two decades, can you believe that? It’s been two decades since web designing started, some of you might not even born or still a small kid during the very first time a web design was introduced.  

It started as a simple way of transmitting data, then new technologies arise to improve its use, web designing tools to make it even more interesting, now Ecommerce Web Designer's are still improving their skills to keep up with the fast pace changes in this industry.

Can you imagine, during the early 1950’s, the web is intended for the use of transmitting information that American scientists gathered? And as time passed different advancement was made. Take a look at the infographic below.

The Evolution of Web Design

See how wed design change so fast?You haven't even grasp the first one, there is already a string of newly developed systems, language and tools. From a simple exchange of data to an Ecommerce Website and now it started to penetrate Mobile Designing pack with a much cooler and nicer applications.

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