Black Hat over White Hat, Which is which?

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In terms of Internet Marketing, even Search Engine Optimization which one do you prefer, Black hat or White Hat? We both know the difference between the two, internet marketing experts will definitely choose white hat because they already know what’s in store for them, but for the benefit of those who can’t distinguish the difference, those who just started in this arena, I’ll discuss it a little bit.

White Hat Tactics are techniques that follow certain ethics, no for me, white hats follow ethics, search engine guidelines and terms of service moreover, they administer campaigns that are not hurtful to other SEO’s as well as the website itself. 

On the other hand, Black hat are those techniques that are considered spammy and in the long run will hurt the website because black hat doesn’t follow the guidelines that search engines lay out.

So the question now is what will you choose, Black hat or White hat?

In black hat you’ll be buying links and perform link exchanges, while on white hat one can build a link building strategy.

Search Engines, particularly Google wants the best possible result for their users, best meaning a website that gives a trusted, relevant, useful and informative content. White hat practices covers, content writing, keyword analyzing, and most of the time asked the help of Ecommerce Web Designers in terms of the website’s design for a better and friendly navigation.

On the other hand, black hats will perform link exchange “I’ll link to you if you link to me.” The worst thing here is that most of the time this websites share a different niche, meaning no relation at all. So where is the relevancy here? Moreover, you’ll definitely need to spend some cash to be able to do link exchange especially for websites that are already trusted and authorities of their own.

Next, black hats implement keywords stuffing, while as stated earlier, white hats analyze keywords. Once you analyze keywords you can incorporate the best possible one, a keyword that can cater a broader category resulting to a more targeted audience without the need to over stuff all possible keywords in the content.

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Remember, what you need is trust and to be able to gain one, you need visitors, and visitors are not just search engine bots, readers, a target audience, so what does an audience want, content, informative, useful, relevant, not something that gives unrelated, keyword stuffed information.

Another technique that SEO’s perform is being active on social networks. Having one profile is much better than launching countless social profiles that you cant be active all the time.

We all know how social media becomes a big part in terms of search engine optimization. Signals coming from twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest etc are considered to be a source of ranking factors for every web page. Having more than one profile can’t really build a social following, you cant interact and be active all the time because you have numerous accounts to handle unlike having one social profile that targets a broader category in which you can be active 24/7 if you want.

So in the end, the question is still which is which, Black Hat over White Hat, it’s not up to you.

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