Who's Watching You?

whos watching you
I think it’s a little bit late for this, but with the recent changes in the cyber world, I guess I should still continue to share this info graphic to you and better late than sorry right.

As an internet marketing expert, my duty is not only to promote my service and or product but also to make sure that everything will go smoothly and that every client will receive the highest privacy possible (see Social Media Marketing in Philippines). And as social media such as facebook, twitter, tumblr etc, become a major way of communication, and of course sharing, isn't it right that we, users, take good notice of the privacy a website offers, our privacy as a user?

Take a look at the infographic below.

Changes in Facebooks Default Privacy Settings
And I quote "Unless You've Changed your Privacy Settings, the Whole World Knows Your Business" Simply, everything that has been crawled by search engine robots will remain forever in the internet's database as long as the world wide web exists.

What you post on Social Networks
Imagine all those photos and the information attach on those, not to mention the data you included on your profile, the information you carelessly posted on your wall, for example, without any intention of letting the world know that your gonna take a week long vacation with your family, and you didn't bother to change your privacy settings.

If I am someone with a bad intention, I'll stalk you using all means available including social networks, that means all your movements, places and activities will be known to me. And by posting this information on your wall, you are making my job a lot more easier. Imagine all those people who can access your account and can view all those information, are you safe?

Google Street View| Street Mapping
Remember the things you posted on your user profile, Name, Birthday, Address etc. Thru this basic information anyone can locate you through the use of Google's Street Mapping Service. Simply, you should really, really change your setting to Friends Only on Facebook. And remember to add people that you really know.

Goggle Buzz
Again I quote "Google may have mastered web search, but when it comes to social networking, it needs to go back to the drawing board"

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