How Google Ranking Decreases and Eventually Being Banned in Google’s Index

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Perhaps you have noticed that due to the high competition in the search engine rankings between different companies that shares the same niche, Internet Marketing Experts somehow at one point, performs an overly aggressive marketing effort that manipulates the search engine, resulting to an awry search result.

Though they may not recognized or feel the effects for now, as most probably the website they are promoting is increasing traffic, but surely in the future, they will reap what they sow. Bounce rate increases, Google might even brand their content as irrelevant, malicious and eventually being banned on Google’s index.

Search Engine Optimization Company|The Horror of Black Hat Tactics
According to the info-graphic above, fifteen percent(15%)of the websites on the top ten search result page are malicious. Take a look at the next info-graphic.

The most common method of spamming/black hat and of course, increasing your traffic are through doorway pages, portal pages, jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages, or whatever you call it, the fact remains that this pages are intended, designed and used only for the search engines and not for the human reader. It uses a specific phrase to improve the search results. In which once clicked the user will be redirected to another page using a fast Meta refresh command to prevent bounce rate.

Hidden Text Kill Ranking
Hidden Text are texts that human visitors cant see and is intended only for the search engine spiders. Ecommerce Web Designers are asked to implement a design that would complement this texts making it hidden or at least close to the font or regular texts.

Content Scraping and Cloaking
We all know how important content is, in fact Google stated that they would give more importance to those websites who offers fresh, original, not to mention engaging content that is relevant to your keyword. This means that discrepancy through cloaking, scraping and duplication is a major no.

Link Spam and Keyword Stuffing
Nevertheless, no matter how good and relevant your content, if you put on too many links and keywords, more likely than not, you will still be penalized sooner or later.

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