Social Media Sites That Matter

It’s been a while since a social media site made a buzz on the internet world. Now, it has been observed that there are several social media sites that have been making so much noise in the internet community which a lot of social media agency have been keeping an eye on. Some of those social media sites will be mentioned today.

Let me start with Google Plus. Since Google is smart enough, they created their own social media site which contributes to being organic of a certain company. Social signals is very important to Google and by getting +1, you tend to send signal to robots that you are important and deserves to be on the first page.

Google plus do not allow auto-post of links. You have to be an active user to gain more followers so every link you post to your account has the chance to be viral. Also, making public plus one to any of your links could help you create an impression of being one of the trusted sources of information which contains nothing but facts.

Linked In is one of the fast rising social media site for professionals. This is like the Facebook of professionals. Professionals build up their online resume where potential employers could eye them. You cannot just add anyone here because you will be asked to supply a user’s email address. This is one of the precautionary action taken by linked in to ward off spammers.

By clicking the In button, you are sharing information to professionals who have been experts in their respective fields. This means, only information with substance or professionally sounding information gets the most number of shares in Linked In. I guess this is added testimonial that your content is worth the time spent.

Foursquare is one of the most entertaining ways to shout out to people where you at. By checking in to various establishments, you get to earn badges which later on could give you special offers or rewards. By acquiring a mayorship badge, you get to enjoy a lot of perks from a brand or establishment.

Foursquare does encouragement at their best. It allows establishments/brands to gain loyal customers which would often go back to their physical store and get something from them because of the karma system that they are implementing. This is a good way to establish good customer relationship.

Have you pinned your interests lately? If you haven’t, don’t allow yourself to get left behind by the latest craze; yes, that is Pinterest. This site uses high definition images to convey message. By the use of these images, different interpretations arise and a more interactive and fun sharing is created.

What separates Pinterest from other social media sites is its rule of not letting anyone freely create their account. This eliminates spammers and makes it more trustworthy site. Businesses are enjoying the traffic they are getting from Pinterest users because it is beginning to spark up in popularity across states and around the globe.

These are some of the social media sites that your social media marketing agency could include in their offer. These sites are highly trusted and by maximizing its potential in your social media marketing campaign means maximizing your profit. Ask your social media agency now which among the presented social media site fits best for your business and start enjoying the benefits these sites could give you.

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