How to Avoid Over Optimization Penalty (Part I)

SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday| How to Avoid Over Optimization Penalty (Part I)
Video Transcription: My own understanding about Rand Fish’s lecture, just correct me if I am wrong, or better yet give me your own view on how well you understand the topic.

Authenticity in Titles 

We all know how important title’s are, it is used to attract search engine robots and make a user engaged into the topic. We also know that we should include our targeted keywords on our titles, but going way too overboard is a major no, no. 

As Rand Fish stated “Titles should sound real, something that was written by a human” something that both search engines and humans can understand without losing interest (human) or being penalized (search engines). 

Example: Using keyword repetition. It only makes your post look spammier, malicious, useless etc. Consequently, according to the video it is “One of the crappiest things”. You will rank in the major positions but, your click through rates will go way down. 

How? Simple, you as a user search for "Internet Marketing Expert", the search engine robots will give you a list of websites having this keyword but, you as a human can distinguished what you are looking for, what information you need, and what website administer the information you are searching. Using a too malicious title only makes a user think twice, thrice or more before clicking your link, or never click at all, thus, click through rates decreases.


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