Internet Marketing Q and A: SEO over PPC (Which is which)

Internet Marketing Company Choice: SEO or PPC?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in simple term making efforts to ensure that relevant keyword phrases are present in your website pages. There is this issue for possible clients about what campaign should they get from the best internet marketing service – Is it SEO or PPC? Before answering this, we have to define each term.

Pay per click (PPC) means you set up and advertising campaign with small ads and when people enter keywords on the search engines your ads will appear for them to click on. Meanwhile, SEO is free and PPC will cost you every time someone clicks on one of your ads.

Internet Marketing Service: SEO over PPC

I found this Q and A from LinkedIn’s SEM groups and this might help you better see things right about SEO and PPC.

A question from Carolina:
Let’s say I'm a small mom & pop plumber. If I had only 1 choice do I spend money on Social Media or PPC?

Jonathan Answered:
My Advice would be Google Places (Local Search) you can set this up yourself or with the help of a professional SEO should cost no more than £200/300 inc directory submissions.

Use of PPC can be targeted area specific, so you can home in on those big hitting keywords, the downside is not every IP is reliably local to where your main business activity is, the upside is that you can set a daily limit and any enquires should be easily converted.

Your Website should be optimized example SEO to gain cheaper PPC and add relevance to the results, Google reward success example click through rate, they also look for relevance so does the website meet the criteria of the search example the keyword "Local Plumber" should be obvious to the browser and the search engine.

Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc - You can do this yourself (and it’s free) the question is how much time can you dedicate to this activity alongside you usual business activity? The more you put in the more you stand to gain and contrary to opinion this form of marketing is becoming more and more prevalent, you really should try to explore this!

Your last option is to pay a provider to do all of the above. If you spend X and get a return of Y providing the difference is positive (ROI) I guess you wouldn't care how much X cost! (I mean to a degree) By the way, you might need the best internet marketing company out there, just see trusted people about this.

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