The Internet is the Mirror of the Real World

Internet reflects the real world service

There must be no fuss in utilizing internet as we do in the real world. Frankly speaking, internet is the mirror of the world – I mean in every aspect from how it goes end-by-end.

As it is, mankind – is sane at all but not satisfied that we have the need to pertaining different views in our ways and that internet came to life. Generations of technological evolution results two-drastic results: Ease in life and a threat to human social interaction. Social networks are great replacements to the meet-in-the-real-world stuffs and at decrease their leverage in socializing in the actual world.

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The image above tells how internet resembles the real world (Internet is structured according to the real world concept) in many ways like how Google and Library looks like a distant cousins; Ebay, Amazons and Youtube would be the leisure lands for shopping and of course entertainment. Of course, you may find it funny to realized that Facebook is somewhat related to a park and twitter is just like a forum held inside the park (Quite interesting).

The Ideas are all mashed up but still it reflects what human kind is up to.

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