Improving Your Bounce Rate

ppc management

Now that we know that good call to actions in our limited ppc ad space can mean the world to our business given that we keep up the promises we put in there (this was discussed in Bad vs. Good Advertising), our goal now is to let our clients stay in our specified landing pages. Keep in mind that internet users have short attention span; that they have to immediately see what they’re looking for. We cannot afford to make them leave our page after clicking our ads.

We have to consider certain things to make our target client stay in our page. One of the considerations is the design. Remember that pleasing a human being is more important than pleasing a robot. The landing page should not only be robot friendly, but human eye friendly. We have to make our landing pages pleasing; make it an eye candy and user friendly. Make sure that the targeted keyword and/or product can be easily seen in a single scan. This will keep your customer stay in that page.

Next, consider giving your customer the best knowledge they could get. We don’t just sell out our product or service to our client; we also inform them. We give them the knowledge they are looking for. We give the pros and cons of our product or service so they stay on the page. This will help your client decide whether he or she will seal a deal so you better do well in giving out information.

Apart from design and knowledge, your targeted client looks for something special. Go the extra mile by offering free services that they cannot resist. For example, if you sell products, bundle in some free deliveries if your client purchased x amount. Or, if you sell services, you could offer free consultation or free business analysis before going to the deal proper. I’m sure, you could think of various extra services that will convince your client. By doing this, you convince them to make a sale or close a deal.

Just keep your targeted client happy and your ledgers will also be happy. That is what good businessmen does to establish a long-term relationship with their clients and to gain more clients. Making you’re already clients happy could lead to free and effortless marketing in the future because your clients will do the marketing for you.

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