Is best content the real basis for internet marketing success?

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I’m always a fan of this wonder boy of internet marketing from Philippines. Carl Ocab is definitely a young boy with undeniably exquisite mind. He makes highly competitive keyword “Make Money Online” to the top of Google search and definitely a very good internet marketer.

So I visited his blog and all juicy and crunchy stuff are all there - SEO, PPC and other internet marketing agency stuff. I was struck by his post entitled “I have a secret, content is not king” which he talks about how to be in the list of the best internet marketing company or in short, to be successful in marketing campaign. He’s definitely awesome and viral.

Carl said that the content is not always the king and the way he sees it, marketing is the king. You might be shock too like I was, but nonetheless he explained it further by citing some examples why he think it that way.

Case Number 1: The Coca Cola versus Pepsi…

Well, as he didn’t intend to hurt anybody but just showing what the truth is. As you might know, Pepsi has been running “The Pepsi Challenge” way back 1975 where they held a contest in which taste better. Asking bystanders in a mall offering two cups, one with Pepsi and the other one is coke.

Guess who do you think taste better, Pepsi…

But why does Coca cola is still the number one soft drink? I know why, advertising…

Case number 2: The

We all know that Darren of Problogger is the number one blogger who blogs about how to make money in blogging but does he give the best content about blogging to make money? Of course, Darren’s content are highly informative though does he give his best content around the blogging world?

Yes, He’s not the best in content and I can point out many bloggers out there that is best in advice about internet marketing, blogging and related stuff but they were remained unnoticed.

Do you know the reason why? It’s because all of them didn’t market themselves enough to be known or we say “They haven’t position themselves properly” to the best possible line.

Case number 3: Who never knew McDonalds?

Yes, I do agree with Carl’s statement about McDonalds.

They don’t have the tastiest hamburgers.

They don’t have the yummiest French fries.

One thing I know of - they do know where to put their branches.

Someone might say “McDonalds is not in the fast food business, they’re in the real estate business.”

“You see, Content is just a part of marketing…”

My Deep Realization:

As I came to end this post I might say my points too. I agree with Carl in some point that writing good content is part of marketing. I heard and read blogs from people who are at the top but are not really “The Best or don’t have the best skills – but they know how to market themselves”.

I read blogs from people, that I think have the best content ever, but they are unknown. I’m not saying that putting your all your effort in marketing though content is part of marketing that should be deliver or distributed properly to be known. It might not be the best content, we can say well enough to be a big help for someone who might read it.

Once again, thank you Carl for sharing your thoughts about this matter.

Lastly, I totally agree with you Carl: “Marketing is king.”

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