Pin It: The Pinterest Craze

“Pin it”! Have you heard this new craze in online marketing? It’s Pinterest, one the craziest and at a point a scary bookmarking site. Unnerving, in the sense that in a short course of time. Pinterest broke the solid top 10 social networks of all time. Yes, and mind you it’s an invite only social network. Imagine if it’s just like Facebook or even Twitter where you can just create a new account and activate it.

Anyway, Pinterest has been in the industry for two years, serving the users who want to share and collect thing they loved over the web, but its just now that its starting to fully spread its wings to accommodate users. In fact, there are 7.51 million Pinterest users recorded last December, and as of the moment, Pinterest traffic is increasing four fold.

Not only this, it is said that Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+. And I have proven this true, from 800 plus traffic, I gained 23 more users a few minutes after PINNING a post. And the incredible thing is its increasing right before my eyes .

If you are thinking its for a small scale business, like an Ecommerce Web Designer like me, you are so wrong, well known, very well established brands are PINNING. Even the most trusted Search Engine Optimization Company are studying on how they can benefit to this.

Don't get me wrong here. Social Media drives traffic, Yes. It helps you increase your visitors, promote whatever product or service you offer and it also strengthens your brand name as well as the trust for your site. Nonetheless, search engines remains to be the number 1 when it comes to traffic refferals.

Consequently, in the end everything still lies on the hands of the buyer and seller. Its either they want to interact using this social networks or look for another resource. And the fact that trust is not gained on which social media you are using but on how you can cater and serve your customers.

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