The Real People behind your Internet Marketing Success

Best Internet Marketers from the best company

We call them the best internet marketing company that offers the best internet marketing service and help us boost our business into a sky rocketing success. Did you know who’s behind the success of your internet marketing campaigns and honestly a great aid to you in your marketing tactics?

Yes, it is important that we know exactly who are these masters and geniuses (forgive me for the pun words) we are working with, and know exactly what they are really doing that makes us satisfied. Let’s know them.

The SEO Content Writers

Content writers are people who provide articles, PR write-ups and engaging copies that attract people to the site. These people work closely with SEO specialists and SEO Team leaders to push or target a particular search term on their copies. They are mostly effective to work with “tail search terms”.

The SEO Link Builders

I think this is a good base for experienced link builders I get to know from the field. A good link specialist often spend hours on the computer reading blogs, studying link graphs and have SEO tools installed on their browsers. Their day to day tasks involves submitting sites to directories, dropping links on blogs (not to spam but to build good networking), helping people find useful content through social bookmarks and even engages in social network activities.

The Search Specialists or SEO Specialist

SEO Specialists are the “Most Active Guys” of the team. They are the ones who optimized content, tweak Meta data, generate reports and sometimes work with technicalities of the site. They are most of the time in front of Google Analytics and are reading fellow SEO Blogs. Though not all SEO specialists are not of the same level, SEO managers or SEO Supervisors are there to assist them and review their work.

The SEO Team Leader or SEO Supervisor

Since SEO Managers/ Online Marketing Managers have too much on their plate, SEO team leaders or Supervisors are there to make sure that strategies are properly communicated and executed to the SEO team to achieve target results. These people work closely with in-house or outsource content writers, link builders and PPC specialists. SEO team leaders/ supervisors compile production reports, ranking and link reports and often discuss it with their SEO managers.

The SEO Manager or Online Marketing Manager

People assigned to this post manage a team of online marketing specialists such as PPC managers, SEO specialists, content writers, social media specialists and link builders. SEO managers or Online marketing managers should be proficient with the latest trends on Search, E-commerce and can speak the language of in-house developers and programmers since Search Team and Web Development team often work together.

The Search Director or Online Marketing Directors

These types of executives lead their entire organization in terms of profitability and achieving their company’s online marketing goals. Online Marketing Directors set the strategies, budget, KPIs and create over-all targets for the entire company at a minimal course of one year. These individuals report directly to the CEOs, Presidents and VPs for both sales and marketing departments. In fact, they work for e-commerce sites or retail companies that generates around $20 Million – $500 Million in profits and boost them up.

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