Three things you missed out on your SEO

Three things you missed out on your SEO
Search Engine Optimization, a process in which an individual, preferably someone who has the knowledge in this industry or a Search Engine Optimization Agency implements in order to obtain the highest possible search result for a certain keyword a website administers.

Search Engine Optimization is also used by Ecommerce Web Designers to establish a design that is search bots friendly, not to mention a design that caters a touch of professionalism and easy navigation that users look for in a website.

Implementing an SEO is not a one night process; in fact, I can say it’s a gamble. One wrong move and your website might be penalized. One wrong code and it will take forever to fix it especially if you are not a professional.

Overly optimizing your website might result to a dreadful effect as Google, one of the most famous search engine announced that they will be penalizing websites that performs extreme optimizations to the point that only search engines can understand and read the content.

Anyway, as stated above, search engine optimization is not, and will never be an overnight process. It takes time to gather your resources as well as to see the results of your optimization. There are no shortcuts, and you shouldn’t carry-out short cuts such as the things stated below:

Not performing a research on keywords to be implemented. “Knowing what keyword you want is not enough” You have more than one page, more or less each page caters a different product/service, thus a different keyword is used, using a general or a broad keyword is a good choice but what about a much categorized one, or something a user might think (long tail keywords) and you as the owner doesn’t know it can be used. Consequently, not performing a research on keywords means you can’t tell or predict the huge possibility of competition.

Exclusion of a Meta Tag Copyright. Title tags, a link that is clickable for users and most of the time being indexed by search engines for every click. Meta tag description includes description of the page, and your keywords. Heading tags (H1-H6) are tags that are search engine friendly as words inside this code is the first thing that search engine reads. Also, use tags on images as “images are invisible to search engines”. So you see how skipping simple Meta tags can affect your pages in the search results?

Not performing an optimization for each page. Okay, stated above “over optimization can have a bad effect” but internet marketing experts stated that "not optimizing your pages is also unacceptable". Keep in mind that all pages are important, this means that the homepage is not the only page you should optimize. Did you know that search engines rank individual web pages and not websites as a whole? Build a link trust for each page and you’ll be surprised by the result.

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