Google Executive is Named Yahoo’s CEO – And Everyone Approves

Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer is currently trending in nationwide searches. If you have no idea who she is, then you must be living under a rock. My internet lover friends, meet Marissa Mayer, the first female employee of Google and current Google Vice President of Search Product and User Experience – at least until she turned over and became CEO of Yahoo.

Now that’s some form of backstabbing news, right? Before you get all defensive for our beloved Google, hear out my news first.

Shocking just about everyone in the world, (fine, every person involved in internet marketing such as PPC management and SEO), Yahoo announced their new CEO, who will undoubtedly bring a lot of experience (take note, she did come from Google) for her ex-boss’ strongest competitor. Not only was the media NOT aware of her candidacy for the post, but Marissa Mayer is also the first female employee of Google, dubbed as No. 20. She will resign from her old post today and join Yahoo by Tuesday.

Mayer, who is delighted with the new job, is looking forward to leading her former boss’ competitor.

Talk about guts, huh? Or was it just some old fashioned politics? Either or, Yahoo sure got themselves a gem.

After 14 years in the company she hasn’t met, the 37 year old, brilliant ex-Google Executive will replace Ross Levinsohn, who had been the primary candidate for the post since Jason Kilar, Hulu CEO dropped out of his candidacy just earlier this month.

After FIVE CEOs just this year, will Mayer be the right one for Yahoo?

Hearing this news, I can’t wait for the upcoming months and years! Surely, Mayer’s will be able to bring much more to Yahoo with her extensive experience. Since I watched Google grow and develop into becoming one of the most powerful search engines and Multinational Corporation, I can’t wait to finally see Yahoo get its real break. Yes, Yahoo is also one of the big companies out there, but when it comes to SEO and increasing page ranks, pay per click advertising and search engines, it is always Google at the front of the line.

Now that Mayer will be bringing her experience into Yahoo, are we looking at a future where Yahoo would be essential for Page Rank, Pay Per Click Management and SEO as well? Would there be a Yahoo Koala? I kid. Or am I?

What do you think, guys? Should Google be worried? Or as internet marketing geeks, should WE be worried?

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