Essential Tools You Need In Your PPC Campaigns

Essential Tools You Need In Your PPC Campaigns

We’ve known that ppc management is a task that needs continuous monitoring and that every numbers or data in your spreadsheet matters. I know this might sound too big a picture for those who are new in the arena, but the tools that will be discussed here are essential to monitor keywords, negative keywords, or even bad traffic sources. Knowing these essential tools will help you convert and focus on areas you needed to.

Since pay per click management takes a lot of patience and understanding, making it easy for the readers to comprehend it better is my sworn duty. Here, I would like you utilize all the resources available and maximize your full potential in winning that bid and improving your conversion rate.

Here are essential tools you will need in your ppc management journey:

Adsense Sandbox – this tool allows you to find competitor’s text and display ads running on Adsense network sites by typing in a keyword and a geographic location. This tool gives you the power to closely watch out your competitors and gives you an idea on which keyword to put more effort on with specified geographic location. Local search engine optimization also gets in this picture because this tool allows you to see which locality does your keyword is at its most competitive form.

Google AdWords Modified Broad Match Keyword Tool – this is a free utility tool from Acquisio which quickly converts your broad match keyword lists into broad match modified lists. This adds up new keywords which you could use. Take note, keywords generated in this tool are not just keywords, they are keywords that could help you sell more and more likely to be clicked by human beings. To make it easier, keywords generated here could make your banner ads as big as the screen. It screams “click me because you need me.”

Reverse Internet – this site has a competitive analysis tool that lets you identify sites owned by or closely related to the low quality traffic sites you have identified in your Google Analytics and Google AdWords network reports. This will help you eliminate sites that have low quality or contains not so substantial content that could actually harm your campaign. Remember, results must give the exact information a user is looking for or else, bounce rate will increase and not a single conversion will be made.

Capitalizing in ppc management tools is very minimal. There are a lot of free tools you could find over the internet and there are also a lot of inexpensive tools that gives comprehensive reports. All you need is a resourceful ppc manager to get your campaigns rolling in the right direction.

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