How to Avoid Over Optimization Penalty (Part III)

Search Engine Optimization Company How to Avoid Over Optimization Penalty (Part III)

Pardon me for posting this last par way too late, just got a little bit busy with other things that I miss out posting this one.

Video Transcription: As stated on the previous parts of “How to Avoid over Optimization Penalty?” these are all my own understanding about Rand Fish’s lecture. If any case there’s something that I may, or may have understand or stated incorrectly tell me so I can make amends. If you have a much better explanation, leave your comment and let the readers see how you view this topic.

Footer Filled with Links

Instead of adding information that footer’s usually carry’s, you filled it with your list of links which is not a good idea, moreover, it’s unnoticeable, gray font on a gray template.

Text Content Blocks

It’s a phrase, a whole sentence and worst a whole paragraph of nonsense after a really engaging explanation or information of something, a certain topic in which you as a reader is too engrossed reading and then wham bam!, something way too unrelated to what the former paragraph is.

Do you remember “keyword repetition”” It’s like in every paragraph or at the very least a few times your keyword should be included in your content so that it helps the search engine, but I’m telling you, this so 2000, back there, Panda even Penguin has not even crossed the minds of search engine engineers.

What’s important today is content. Again, what we need and what matters most to search engines are informative, useful, high quality and relevant content.

Now that you know this things, as much as possible even if you have little knowledge in this field or you are in the point where you were going to asked for the assistance of a search engine optimization agency, at least you have this account, this list as a guide in checking if the one you hired is doing good thing on your website or is probably creating, administering something bad that will soon be the end of your ecommerce website.

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