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Do you still remember the time when your mobile phone is only used to call? Then after a year or two you can already composed a message and send it to someone on your list, then in a jiffy here we are with smartphones, androids and all. Suddenly text messaging is a taboo, all smartphone owners can now send email, take picture and use the social networks through their phones.

Internet marketing experts saw the huge market it will bring for Ecommerce Websites, while Ecommerce web designers are busy catering the demands that mobile commerce would bring.

A recent study shows that $5.04 billion will the estimated mobile advertising profit by the year 2015.

See the infographic below for a more precise understanding on what I am trying to say:

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What's a traditional cellphone anyway? For sure all of us have experience using one, or perhaps seen one, a cellular phone in which one can composed and send text message, call someone, play games snake to be exact.

Tell me one person in our generation who didn't play snakes in nokia 3310 in which other features are stop watch and calculator among other things.

On the other hand, smarthphones are mini computers, does this make sense? Well, cellular phones using operating systems similar/close to computers.

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Smartphone users are usually if not generally, are those ages 25 to 34, for me its because its the time where we don't have such great responsibilities such as wife and kids, during those age we are starting our careers while other are at the peak, thus, smartphone's are must have's. Dealing with future investors or composing an email while stuck on traffic, reading news etc.

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See, as stated on the first paragraph, mobile commerce is a huge market that the business sector shouldn't miss.

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Why smartphone's? For sure all smartphone users either have laptops or tablets, but why smartphone? I have a laptop and a smartphone, but come to think of it, I uses my phone more than my laptop.

At work I always have my phone beside me, to text, check my calendar, call someone, play a game, log on facebook, while my laptop is used only during weekends or at night and the laptop I'm using at the office is used for job alone, well sometimes for checking my FB.

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See the huge effect of using smartphone's? Anyway here's the whole infographic, thanks to

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